Friday, August 20, 2010


So most of my friends and family now know I'm headed to the United Arab Emirates in the very near future to teach. Many of them think I'm crazy to move my family across the world, especially to live in the Middle East, but the ones who really know me understand that I've been headed there my whole life. Finally, a reason to have studied Arabic in college!

There is a crazy part- I am going to another country to teach, but I haven't been told yet what city I'll be living in, nor what grade I'll teach. The indications are Al Ain and kindergarten. I'll find out when I get there! Mark and Abby will join me a few weeks after school starts so I can get settled first, and so they can qualify for dependants' visas.

The preparation has been interesting. We packed up the Florida house, selling or giving away the greatest part of our belongings. It was hard to pack suitcases, requiring me to ask myself about each item: Texas only? or Abu Dhabi only? or can I wear it in both? Abby and I came to Texas with our Texas suitcases, but Mark still has our Abu Dhabi ones to bring in the moving truck. He will be here in Texas in a few days so we can store the belongings we couldn't part with and get more organized to put everything we will take into 9 bags and suitcases.

I've also been doing a document chase, finding things like our marriage certificate and getting a new diploma mailed (my first one is framed and somewhere in Ryan's house, I think). It's all been sent to Washington, DC to be authenticated by the State Department and the UAE embassy. That should result in residency visas for all of us.

The longest process so far has been transferring our music to an mp3 player. Yes, I'm finally joining the mp3 revolution, although I opted for a Sansa Fuze instead of an iPod. Right now, I'm ripping the Cure's Galore album. I decided to start the blog because I'm so bored sitting here watching the progress bars on the ripped music.

Maybe I should be thinking more about what clothes or teaching supplies to bring. However, I'm imagining being over there so far away, feeling homesick. I think "Just Like Heaven" will make me feel better.

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  1. I'm so, so, excited for you! Most excited that you'll be using your Arabic. But also excited that you'll be having experiences and making memories for yourself and your family that will last a lifetime. I love and admire the way you jump into life with both feet.